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My experience with Mac & Cheese began during my childhood.  Like most people in the 50’s that meant a box…we called it “Kraft’s Dinner”.  My appreciation for it comes straight from The South…local diners and Mom & Pop restaurants throughout the southern U.S..  My take on it begins with quality pasta, albeit elbow macaroni.  I […]


how to increase penis size a href=””>This is the bite-sized Eat Me version of the famous burger with all of those ingredients.  These tiny treats have got it all…Sesame seed bun, beef patty, shredded lettuce, cheese, pickle, diced onion, and a very special sauce! The sauce has a base of mayonnaise and ketchup with Vienna […]


No, not those addictive foil packets of candy I recall from my youth!  I’m talking about a perfect French-Style Raspberry Tart.   Erin scored a half flat of fresh Raspberries the other day.  There was some discussion of Raspberry Souffles.  But that image disappeared when she surprised me with this gem for our Sunday evening enjoyment.  […]

Celebrating 50!

We had the pleasure of helping a family celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of their Mother & Father/ Grandmother & Grandfather in Glendale.  After a lot of discussion with the client, and our “Build Your Own Menu” selection of options, we catered a dinner of classics with a few Eat Me twists. MENU Family-Style Charcuterie […]


What an amazing Scottsdale catering assignment!  When we met with the bride and groom to be, we asked about favorite foods and menu preferences.  Navina is Indian and loves Indian cuisine, including vegetarian dishes.  Kevin is a SoCal guy and loves Gazpacho and egg salad.  They were having their ceremony at 11 and also wanted […]


Anyone who knows us knows that we LOVE pizza!  By now, a lot of folks in Phoenix and Scottsdale have discovered our Authentic Deep Dish version.  But, we absolutely crave great thin crust, Chicago pizzeria-style pizzas.  After all, you can eat much more of a thin crust pizza than a Deep Dish.  So after years […]

R & R

We’re taking a couple of days off after a grueling week and a busier one ahead!  We’re sneaking away to a retro-kitch motor lodge up north to kick back and celebrate Erin’s Birthday.  The menu will feature her favorite…LOBSTER ROLLS and Champagne.  (We have the lobsters flown in from Maine)  That will be followed up […]


HELP ERIN CELEBRATE!!! Saturday is Erin’s Birthday and to celebrate, we’re bringing our very special BBQ to the market.  Come join us and enjoy BBQ or Vienna All Beef Hot Dogs.  To quench your thirst, we’ll have plenty of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice and real Lemonade too! APRIL 2 MENU *Beverages* Fresh Squeezed […]


solar panel price e’re doing a little in-home Scottsdale-style catering this evening for our dear friends who are visiting from California.  It promises to be an evening full of great food, exceptional wine, and lots of laughs.  They own a vineyard in Sonoma.  Erin and I are cooking up some special treats.  Here’s the menu: […]