Chicago Specialties

deep-dishWe’re from Chicago.  And like most Chicago natives, we enjoy great Chicago-Style food.  But, you can’t find good, real Chicago-Style food in Scottsdale or Phoenix.   That’s why we’ve perfected our own Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza, Italian Beef, and Steam-Grilled Sliders.  We’re the only Scottsdale catering company to offer Chicago Specialties to our catering clients.  And you don’t have to be a catering client to get our Chicago-Style Pizzas.  You can order them par-cooked and delivered to your home or office through our Home Delivery program.

In addition to our own creations, we also have Vienna All Beef Hot Dogs, Sport Peppers, Neon Green Relish, Rosen’s Poppy Seed Buns, Gonnella French Rolls, and Maxwell Street Polish shipped to us regularly.


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