By now, it is pretty well known that we nail authentic Chicago-Style food and flavors better than anyone in Scottsdale.  But as a caterer, we are constantly searching for ways to acquaint our clients with Chicago-flavored versions of familiar menu items.  That’s why, we decided to offer these which closely capture the flavor and texture of the original we enjoyed at all hours of the day and night.

We start with high quality 80/20 beef and season it with a propriety blend we developed years ago.  We create the texture and flavor with lots of finely minced onions that sweat and steam on the flat top.  Then we cook the burgers on top of the steamy onions under a lid.  Served up on a mini bun Erin bakes, with American cheese and a couple of dill pickle chips, these little guys will have you looking around for that familiar white tile building.

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