As many of you know, we’ve been making Handmade Fresh Pasta for a while now.  In fact, Erin has been bringing her Handmade Fresh Pasta to the Fountain Hills Farmers Market on Thursdays.  And of course if you have great pasta, you need great sauce.  So I’ve been tinkering with sauces for a few months now.  They have been a big hit with our Farmers Market customers, too.  But tonite we collaborated on a ridiculously good dish…Erin’s Egg Fettuccine with my Wild Mushroom Ragu.  It is unbelievably rich and seductively good.  I used 5 different mushrooms, sauteed with onions and a bit of garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Then I added Marsala wine and Free-Range Chicken Stock and let it reduce by half.  The final touches were some Heavy Cream, chopped Italian Parsley and Imported Parmigiano-Regiano.  When tossed with Erin’s pasta the resulting dish was sublime.  The good news is that you can have this dish at home.  All you need to do is pick up the pasta and the ragu from our Eat Me TO GO booth at the North Scottsdale Farmers Market.  You can also order them both from the market’s home delivery program, too.

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