The best Pumpkin Soup I ever tasted was Paul Bocuse’s.  He layers French Gruyere and Heavy Cream inside a hollowed out 2 pound pumpkin, then bakes it for an hour.  It is incredible…silky and extremely rich.  But hollowing out those pumpkins is far too time consuming for a caterer who needs to end up with several gallons of soup.  So in the Eat Me GREAT PUMPKIN Soup, we use pure pumpkin puree.  And since we live in the southwest, we decided to add some Chipotle puree for heat as well as Mexican Cinnamon for a regional flavor profile.  We started out with a tasty homemade vegetable stock to provide a flavorful vegetarian product.  When we serve it, it is garnished with Mexican Cinnamon Creme Fraiche and toasted Pepitas.  It is an outstanding Fall product!

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